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IFIP Announces International Young IT Awards


Friday 8 April 2016: IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing), the global professional body for those working in the ICT sector, has announced the first global awards program for young IT professionals.
The IFIP International Young IT Awards, to be administered by IFIP’s International Young IT Group, InterYIT, will recognise outstanding young IT practitioners from around the world who have distinguished themselves in one of three categories:

  • IFIP International Young IT Professional of the Year;
  • IFIP International Young IT Entrepreneur of the Year; and
  • IFIP International Best Student IT Project of the Year.

Nominations are now being sought, both through IFIP’s 40+ member societies around the world as well as from individuals or companies wanting to put someone forward for consideration. Nominations will be accepted up until 30 June, 2016, with the winners being announced at the Gala Awards Dinner at the WITFOR 2016 Conference in Costa Rica in September.

InterYIT Chair, Yasas V. Abeywickrama, said the International Young IT Awards will encourage young IT professionals and students to explore their full capabilities.

“These awards will not only recognise those who achieve at a high level, but will also provide a unique opportunity for the best and brightest to network and build international relationships that will enhance their careers as IT professionals,” he said.

“As the international federation for the IT industry worldwide, IFIP is proud to launch this exciting initiative aimed at encouraging young professionals to develop in the discipline of IT. We hope the awards will encourage those involved to perform even better in the future to enrich the industry and make the world a better place.”

Applications will be reviewed by an independent panel consisting of an IFIP InterYIT Representative (Chair or his nominee), two IFIP General Assembly (GA) Members, one University academic invited by IFIP InterYIT (Non GA Member) and one Industry professional invited by IFIP InterYIT (Non GA Member).

For more information or to lodge an application, please email info@ifipinteryit.org

The Rules and Application Form can be downloaded at http://ifipinteryit.org/activity/ifip-international-young-it-awards-2/

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