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David Collins, City University London

Publication: October 2016
Format & Price: Paperback, £39.99

This insightful and accessible introduction provides students and practitioners with a comprehensive overview of the increasingly important discipline of international investment law. Focusing primarily on the legal principles contained in the growing body of international investment agreements, this book covers the core concepts of the discipline with attention given to their relation to each other and to the manner in which they have been developed through arbitration case law. The context of each legal principle is explored along with a consideration of some of the major debates and emerging criticisms. Avoiding extensive case extracts, this book adopts an engaging and succinct narrative style which allows readers to advance their understanding of the topic while examining the legal principles with academic rigour and discerning commentary.


Table of Contents


1. Introduction to foreign direct investment: history, trends and rationales
2. Bilateral, regional and multilateral investment agreements and investment contracts
3. National laws governing foreign investment and definitions and conditions of admission
4. Guarantees against discrimination: national treatment and most favoured nation
5. Fair and equitable treatment, full protection and security and umbrella clauses
6. Guarantees against expropriation
7. Compensation
8. Dispute settlement
9. Public interest issues: the environment, human rights and culture
10. Non-precluded measures: essential security, economic stability and the defence of necessity
11. Beyond international investment law.

David Collins is a Professor of International Economic Law at City
University London where he teaches and researches in the fields of
world trade and international investment law. He has authored
numerous books and articles and his research has attracted funding
from sources such as the British Academy and the Society of Legal
Scholars. David has lectured around the world and has been a
visiting fellow at several institutions including Georgetown
University, Columbia University and the Max Planck Institute in

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