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Essentials of WTO Law (Rezension)

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Peter Van den Bossche, WTO Appellate Body
Denise Prvost, Maastricht University

Publication: April 2016
Format & Price: Paperback, £19.99

At a time when developments in WTO law have made this field increasingly complex, this concise and non-technical introduction provides a timely and carefully considered overview of the substantive rules and institutional arrangements of the WTO. A variety of text features enables a rich understanding of the law: illustrative examples clarify important issues of the law and demonstrate the law’s practical application; boxed summaries of key rulings in WTO case law highlight the interpretation of the relevant provisions and lead readers to a deep understanding of the meaning and application of legal rules; and recommendations for further reading allow readers to engage with current debates. Online resources include links to useful sources of information for work and research within the field. Co-written by a leading authority in the field, this is essential reading for anyone who wants to get to grips with this fascinating yet challenging field of law.


  • Avoids the technical details which can overload those looking for an introduction to the topic
  • Demonstrates practical application of theory and rules via fictional illustrative examples
  • Online resources list shows students where to find the resources they need to look into the ‘real world’ of international trade
  • Boxes summarising key rulings in WTO case law help readers to see the relevance of dispute settlement rulings and understand how they flesh out the provisions in the WTO agreements


Table of Contents


1. International trade and the law of the WTO
2. Rules on non-discrimination
3. Rules on market access
4. Trade liberalisation and other societal values and interests
5. Rules on unfair trade
6. Rules regarding harmonisation of national regulation
7. The institutional aspects of the WTO
8. The WTO dispute settlement system

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